How to submit a complaint

Please provide us with a letter or an e-mail which outlines your complaint and provide a copy of the text to which the complaint relates. If you have some other relevant documents that would assist us in reviewing complaints, (for example, previous correspondence with the editor) please send them to us also.
A complaint can be sent to: The Press Council, Ljuba Jovanovic 9 c, 11000 Belgrade, or Electronic mail to the following address: or, or by filling out a form on our website:

By submitting an appeal you accept that it will be available to the public.

Before you submit a complaint, please make sure:

• that you provided us with a copy of the text or internet link to it, and that you are specifying the date of text publication
• that you are specifying in which media the text was published
• that you sre specifying why you believe that the publication of the article violated the Code of Journalists